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Update from Tiffany

Update from Tiffany

thoward August 24, 2014 0 comments
10634445_10203970052708110_236040186_nUpdate: Prestun has been flight watch to new York. We are currently in new York at Sloan waiting on answers. What I do know as of night there is something wrong with his lungs. He is requiring oxygen to help him breathe better. We decide to leave Kansas city for several reasons. Main reason they advise us which ever route they did he would end up on ventilator (breathing machine) and his chances of survival would be up to Prestun body . I wasn’t ready to take that chance and off to new York we go. Prestun Is fighting for his life we are hope full that Sloan we find the breathing issues and what’s in his lung. As of now he is stable with oxygen . More test will begin on Monday . Please pray to heal our baby boy. I refuse to except our other hospital theory . He still vomiting a lot and fevers are still persisting. Don’t forgot Prestun birthday honoring your super hero’s He has fought hard and I will fight till the end. we are doing everything we can Prestun. I have no clue when we will get home as this point I don’t care as long they save my baby Prestun . I except it could be couple of months depending on what they find. Thank you everyone for the #prestunplunge and everyones love and support that you have shown our family has well to Prestun . No one fight’s alone



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