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thoward August 26, 2014 0 comments
10616118_512172875585821_2353375213191224095_nWe still don’t have all the answer on Prestun. Still he is currently having stomach pains , still throwing up , fevers and oxygen is require still . and still ruling out what he has in his lungs. Good news is they have rule out couple of fungal but still waiting on more fungal test to come back. Biggest struggle here. He just wants to go home. There is truly no place like home. Prestun hasnt been home since July 28. This is very hard for me as well. He doesn’t understand all of this. Except he wants go home. I have to get him better before we can go home. Trust me I wanted to stay in Kansas city closer to home. But when they basically told me that Prestun was more then likely going to die. I just and wouldn’t accept that and knew in my heart . We need to go new York city . Reason why . I have a lot trust in Prestun doctor . But all well . If something happens to Prestun I knew in my heart that I have really done everything I could do for him. vs staying in Kansas city . At this time we don’t have a lot answer still . Very scared for Prestun . All I am looking for is that stamp that he is going to be ok. If its not cancer I have to worried about its something else. Now onto the Crazy part. This morning Prestun was to go into surgery to remove his port. Yup the port that just got put into him not even 30 days ago .. They advise me that they believe there is blood clot on the end of the port or possible bacteria infection. So once again force to fix this issue. they are hoping this is the problems that is causing the lung issue but not for sure. Some more test will need to be done. Please pray for Prestun. Little scared about putting him under while this crap going wrong with his lungs but I understand they need to get this out of him . Our team advise me if things go smoothly and fix all these issue we could be stuck up here for a month to 2 months if this turn out to be fungal . Except to be in new York city for 6 months. Please tomorrow pray for Prestun his body is tired and he has been through the ringer praying we are that much closer to finding the problems #prestunthesuperhero #Neuroblastomacansuckit See More
Update: Well Scratch that… Port removal has been cancel. Platelets are to low . So we are going to wait and see at this port. which I’m kinda relieve due to his lungs



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