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We are out of urgent care.

We are out of urgent care.

thoward November 30, 2014 0 comments

Tonight Prestun still is running a fever. Happy we are still out of the hospital.. If prestun runs another fever by the morning. We will have to go back to get another round of antibiotics and possible they will inpatient him. So I’m hoping this wont happen. He seems in good spirits tonight not eating but he is drinking though and watching tv. Today while at Sloan Urgent care. Binkeez for Comfort came by and gave Prestun his blanket. It was put to good use for the stroller ride back to Ronald. Prestun has the honor of this blanket is name after him for other children that chooses this print . They call it Prestun Binkeez. Thank you guys for keeping my son happy and comfortable. Prestun loves his Binkeez. Thank you again for the prayers this evening. We are asking you to keep him in your thoughts and prayers this evening for no fevers.

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