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Vaccine shot 2

Vaccine shot 2

thoward May 9, 2015 0 comments

Yesterday was shot #2. Pretty much went well. He cried when he got the shot and for about 15 mins or so he said that he leg was on fire.sif60



sif64 After that he was pretty much over it and moving on and playing with the nurses. Sloan has become home for Prestun and I. We feel safe here and everyone knows Prestun around the clinic . He trust the staff here and as well do I. We have one more week before we go home. Finally we are going to be home for little over a month this time. But yet again I will be miss the staff here. But trust me we will be back sooner before you know it. Prestun woke up this morning vomiting and low grade fever right now. I’m Pretty sure this is side effect of the shot. They say it only sticks around for about 24 hrs and then he should feel like Mr. P again. Thank you everyone for the love and support always want you know guys to know it. Thank you again. Hoping we don’t return back to clinic today for a fever. ‪#‎prestunthesuperhero

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