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waiting on results

waiting on results

thoward November 26, 2016 0 comments

Update On Prestun***

There is no word today on Prestun Mri of his brain. I should have answers tomorrow. Tomorrow Prestun will have his MIBG scan (totoal body Scan)…. Prayers please
Today I recived another blow Next Wednesday Prestun will have surgery yet again So we wont be going home and staying in NYC for this to be done. Not for cancer but because of the damage that cancer has cause him. They are fixing some issues with his Bladdler. I feel defeated and exhausted and broken ….. He was very upset today over this news and is very aware of whats going on. He just wants to go home and be left alone. Your job has a mother to protect and keep your children safe. I cant seem to keep him safe from cancer and all it does to him. He just got done about a month ago for brain surgery and now he is having another one. I dont know what else to do but break down and cry with him as we cry together this isnt fair none of this fair. I have never seen someone fight so hard to live as he has done no less with a smile on his face. We need help. Medical bills are piling in and now adding another surgery we just cant keep up. Can you image the cost of traveling and cancer treatments, co pays, medicine and major surgerys and health insurance premiums. I dont know how we are going to do this if this pattern keeps up. Please if all Prestun’s Facebook Follwers would donate Just $1.00 that would total up $20,000. I need help I’m overwhelmed not able to work due to my job is taking care of Prestun and travel for his treatments . I just need a break and one less thing to worry about. I am heartbroken tonight. Prestun is homesick as tomororw we prepare for scans to hopefully find no cancer. Now preparing for another surgery I pray for no pain and quick recovery. Please feel free to message me anything helps this is all too much lately .

If people that can not help Prestun we understand and we simply ask you to share the post and say a prayer for Prestun . If you can help Prestun click on the the link below thank you


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Prestun Seibel
PO Box 770811 Winter Garden, FL 34777

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