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We are back home from NYC

We are back home from NYC

thoward June 24, 2015 0 comments

So sorry Guys for not updating quick enough I just needed a moment to take a break from everything . We are back in Kansas and Prestun is doing much better. He is fever free no longer puking and has seem to be himself again. For some reason after every Vaccine shot Prestun gets sick. This time really sick. This last trip to NYC was crazy. Until the moment I landed at the airport I had no clue where I was staying. When the Ronald was full we were on our own. Yes I reach out to Ronald and social worker to see what they can do help with the cost. Sadly there wasn’t much they could. I honestly could say I didn’t know what I was going to do. The cost of hotel in NYC were threw the Roof. Our 2 night stay in our hotel total $1100.00 vs Ronald would have $70.00 total. Thankfully Heather and her foundation Daxton’s Fish offer to help pay for our stay. I need to say thank you so much. I was beyond stress and heather was there every step , phone call and text to make sure Prestun and I were talking care of. This trip was go go go . Never ever just simple I feel worn out and I always trying to stay tuff for Prestun. This kid stays tough for me always. I’m exhausted and always tired and trying to balance everything out . Once again we are less then a month away again back up to NYC. This time we are going up for scans. I cant tell you how much I hate scans. Knowing when I’m looking back at photos we are gearing closer to his one year relapse. When you get a glimpse of normalcy Cancer takes it away. So trying to remain positive and we are gong to make it through scans and hear clear and enjoy our summer. I’ve said it once and I know its broken record and very sorry . We are going into a three year battle with Prestun cancer we still need people’s help. As you can see our trips to Nyc what it can cost and when things go wrong cost more. So if you have any gift cards or anything you like to spare Please send it our way. With that being said we thank each and everyone you for support , prayer, kind words and your help. We love you all. Leaving tonight with this great picture of Prestun. HOPE… HOPE says it all. I hold Hope so close to my heart and want nothing but the best for Prestun and Determine we will be beat this war and Never Ever stop fighting . Cancer can take everything from me exception of Prestun . He is my thrive, my life my world and my best Friend. and I would be lost with out him… #prestunthesuperhero

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