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What’s Really Important….

What’s Really Important….

thoward August 10, 2014 0 comments

What’s Really Important….

Hi Friends,

I felt deeply compelled to write this post this morning because it puts things quickly into perspective for me. I truly hope you’ll read the entire post and if this subject bothers you just think about how much it’s hurting those involved before shutting me down..

.Over the last six to eight months I’ve realized that Facebook seems to be more of a stress for me than anything else so I haven’t been on it much. Thats a whole different subject for another day.. but, yesterday I began posting political things on my Facebook page and then while scrolling through my newsfeed at 3 AM this morning there it was, reality staring me in the face. For myself, while politics is important, the running of our country is important, a little person like myself isn’t going to make much of an impact.. I don’t ‘hold the strings’ that make government run..In another two years we’ll have someone else in the white house who won’t listen to the people, all new branches of government who also won’t listen to the people only making sure they take care of them and theirs and on and on..

What I read at 3AM this morning brought my heart and my mind back to what truly matters in this life and that my friends is how we care for others.. Both family an strangers alike.. Here is what I am talking about..

Please meet , Prestun Seibel.


He’s five years old and………..he’s also been fighting for his life since he’s Three years old. Prestun has Neuroblastoma. One of THE most horrific childhood cancers known to man with ‘no known cure’.  Children like Prestun have their bodies ravaged by cancer, antiquated chemo regimens from the 1960’s meant for adults, radiation therapy, countless surgeries that further mutilate their tiny little bodies and in the end, the majority of the time, the cancer makes it to the finish line first..

Well, Prestun had been doing well and we were all praying he would be in remission for a long time to come. Sadly, Prestuns mom found out he has relapsed and in the worse place possible. There is a tumor now located in his head in the lining area between the skull and the brain. They have already begun massively high doses of chemo two days ago to try and stop this monster from getting any deeper into the brain.  If the chemo does not work they will have to go into the little boys skull and try and remove it. As a parent , please put yourself in the shoes of this mother.. You would be terrified beyond your wits. The side affects of the chemo have already begun. Prestun is dealing with terrible vomiting and low blood counts.


He’s in a perilous situation right now and, so are his parents and they need help. YOUR HELP.. There will be many trips back and forth to New York City from their home in Kansas for treatment and all the expenses that will incur as well. So yes, I am asking you to please donate to help Prestun be able to receive the best possible care he can get and that’s in New York City. His parents are not wealthy people, they are everyday people like you and I trying to save the life of their child.  Any small amount will help.. Think about this. Do you really need that new shirt? Do you really need that package of donuts? Does your child need yet another video game or some other kind of electronic? As most of you know, my husband and I are not made of money and we struggle like everyone else but we will be helping Prestun and his family as much as we can.. The meaning of life is to love one another and if you can’t love a child like Prestun in so much need then who can you love?

So yes, I am begging you to please donate to help. I am also asking you, if you have a FaceBook account , please go to Prestuns page, like his page, share his page and share his moms latest update about his relapse from August 3rd 2014. Please open your heart and be as generous as you can be.

 Here is the link to donate to the fund for Prestun


Facebook Page

Prestun Seibel


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